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Skin experts say that the pleasant way to keep your skin healthy and looking younger is to guard it from the sun and now not smoke. It’s depend on how you wash, moisturize your pores and skin and shave also help. There are many natural home remedies for younger looking skin.  Many Britons are unaware that sun protection can keep the skin looking younger. Not best does publicity to UV growth someone’s threat of skin cancer. It also impacts the elastin within the pores and skin. It’s leads to wrinkles and solar-caused pores and skin getting old including leatheriest and blotchy pigmentation. Today we write about how to stay young looking naturally.

Tips for sun protection

 To protect yourself from the sun, they advise the following three methods–

üAvoid the sun during high intensity hours. The sun’s rays do the most damage between 10 am and 4 pm, so limit the time you spend outside during this period.

üWear long sleeved shirts, long trousers or pants and a hat with a wide brim.

üGo for a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF higher than 15 and apply generously about 20 minutes before you go out and then every two hours. You will need to apply more frequently if you go in the water a lot.

Avoid smoke:


Research shows that smoking alone ages skin. They looked at the skin on the upper inner arms to minimize the influence of sun exposure. Indy Rihal from the British Skin Foundation told NHS Choices that smoking reduces the skin’s natural elasticity. Collagen, a protein that helps skin strength, gradually degrades with age, leading to wrinkles. Smoking causes this to happen sooner and also causes the tiny blood vessels in the skin to tighten. It’s also reduces elasticity and accelerates ageing. The Mayo Clinic also suggest that exposure to heat from burning cigarettes damages facial skin. It’s certain smoking behaviors contribute to wrinkles.

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Clean your skin regularly and use moisturizer:

British Skin Foundation survey published that an astonishing 50 % of people who wear make up in the UK are damaging their skin by not removing make up before they go to bed. The reasons for not cleansing the skin of make up before going to bed were also revealing in that most people were too tired to take it off.  Suggesting they were not getting good quality sleep which also affects skin health. A significant proportion also said they had had too much to drink or simply couldn’t be bothered. Cleansing is an important part of skin care because it removes dirt and bacteria; and the key is to do it gently. Use warm rather than hot water and limit the time you spend in the bath or shower to 15 minutes or less as too much time in hot water strips oils from your skin. Moisturizing is important because it protects the skin from the weather and from drying up and looking dull. It helps your skin maintain its natural moisture levels too, say the Mayo Clinic experts, because it seals in the water already in the skin or slowly release water into the skin. Sometime we use the best supplements for skin anti-aging. But these are dangerous for skin.

Get enough quality sleep:

Many people like to use some supplements to look younger. But they don’t know that sleep is essential for healthy skin. Not enough quality sleep will make your skin look tired and older, especially with bags under your eyes. Poor quality sleep can become a vicious cycle because lack of sleep makes you irritable, anxious and depressed, and that makes it harder to get good sleep.

Shave with care

People shave to make their skin smooth and hairless. But this can irritate the skin, especially if it is thin, dry and sensitive.

In the conclusion we say that skin is the main part of our body. To get healthy evergreen skin, we need to drink much water and eat fresh vegetable and fruits.

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