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Three beautiful visiting place in the world

where is Budapest on the world map

There are many beautiful place in the world. If you’re interested in booking a journey to a foreign destination. You should know about the place which you want to visit. Today we say about some beautiful place.

Ang Thong National Park, Thailand

Ang Thong National Park for a real sense of getting away from it all. It’s a place, where you can enjoy fresh natural air. This group of 42 small, lush islands boasts the kind of winning combination of sand and rainforest that millions of Western travelers have dreamt of since The Beach. Whether you dive a few of the coral reefs. Searching for out your personal pristine bay in the rain forest. You’ll have left stresses of real lifestyles far at the back of you. You can take Ang thong national marine park tour. After visiting the place, may be you can satisfy.

Budapest, Hungary

Stately Budapest is one of the grandest of Europe’s capital cities. The highlight of any visit is undoubtedly the chance to wallow in one of the city’s. It’s restorative spas and thermal waters from subterranean springs. The Art Nouveau Gellért Baths offers an air of exclusivity among its mosaics and stained glass. The Széchenyi Baths are the higher in the city. It has outdoor pools and water rapids. If you don’t know about Budapest, you can follow the map to know where is Budapest on the world map. For following map, you can know how long is the flight to Budapest.

Bay of Islands is nice place

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Bay of Islands is nice place. It’s worth sights the stunning Bay of Islands, in the far north of New Zealand.  Final stop after indulging in the country’s plethora of adrenaline-filled is the ideal place to recharge. This subtropical region is best explored from the water. There you might get to spot whales, penguins and dolphins. You can also see and enjoy the largest island.


In conclusion we say that, travel is most essential part for human life. If you have time, you should enjoy your life.

Bay of Islands is nice place


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