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Travel guide of Thailand

best places to visit in Thailand

Thailand has become an increasingly popular destination to visit. Its post card like beaches, steamy elephant filled jungles, and a culture that lies deep in every single. Thailand is also famed for its food. It is a unique but complex blend of Indian curries, Chinese influenced noodle dishes and spicy Thai ingredients. After you indulge in the food and the natural scenery. Thailand has a plethora of activities for you. If find that perfect piece of heaven on one of Thailand’s many secluded island paradises. Thailand is full of adventure waiting and a travelers dream. If you have unknown this where to visit in Thailand. Don’t wary, now we write about this.

Ideal costs for moving around Thailand

There are many best places to visit in Thailand. Thailand has an extremely large variety of accommodations. To give an exact amount of how much you will pay depends also on season. If you’re on a budget it’s a good idea to stay away from western style hotels but if you need that western comfort 3000 THB will get you it. Thailand’s thriving tourist industry makes looking online for discounts easy or just check more than one guest house in each location.

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Food of Thailand

Thailand is a food lover’s dream. Its smorgasbord of local fare this is reasonably-priced and scrumptious. The meals vary through area. Head down south and burn your tongue off with the spiciest of seafood curries. Thailand has to offer Bangkok, domestic to Thailand’s biggest street meals options. If you are traveling on a budget, a simple noodle soup or rice with meat will price as little as 50 THB. Stroll into a Thai style nearby restaurant and a curry with rice. Attempt to keep away from restaurants in vacationer regions like Kao San avenue in Bangkok. Thailand has a growing Asian fusion restaurant scene making some very first-class modern-day fashion dishes.

Transportation System of Thailand

Transportation system of Thailand is very high quality. Transportation has changed greatly in the past few years in Thailand. The days of riding buses with chickens and other farm animals are long over and have been replaced with a modern transport line. It’s can connect to all corners of Thailand. If you’re looking to go south towards Malaysia or directly North to Chiang Mai, then your best option is to take the train. Thailand’s bus network is incredibly efficient. Its buses can get you pretty much anywhere in Thailand. Sometimes faster than the train. They now have luxury buses that have WIFI and reclining chairs making life much easier than it used to be. A bus will range from about 400 – 1000 THB for a five-hour journey depending on the quality and company of the bus. If you’re looking to get around Thailand fast there are many new airports allowing you to fly to many of Thailand’s popular destinations. Cheap airlines like AirAsia makes it sometimes cheaper than taking the train or bus.

Popular place

Bangkok is Thailand in every way. Its temple lined streets buzz with energy and the markets spill into the streets adding so much color to this beautiful and chaotic blend. It’s a popular place to visit in Thailand with family. Another big part of why Bangkok is so amazing is its people; approach anyone in the streets and they will greet you with a smile and treat you to Thai hospitality. Chiang Mai is another obvious choice to visit. Chiang Mai to me has the best food in Thailand. Thailand has many ancient sights but none compare to Sukhothai’s large array of crumbling temples and Buddha. Cycle around the city limits to countless historic temples and palaces to discover. Thailand’s rich history and of course snap those needed pictures of monkeys running along a 1000-year-old wall.

Finally, Thailand is an amazing place for its own beauty. There also have Thailand packages for couple. For enjoy your best moment, you can visit Thailand. You will get the best moment from here.

best places to visit in Thailand


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