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Exclusive data from the Association of British Travel Agents has found that a quarter of travelers went abroad with no travel insurance in the last year, up 3% on 2016’s figures. The figures have been even higher for millennials, with 40% of people aged between 18 and 24 traveling overseas uninsured. The average cost of medical cover overseas is £2,040. So it’s sensible to ensure you buy suitable journey insurance whilst your e-book your excursion. Today I write about travel insurance.

About travelling questions:

When you are preparing for your travel, you should know about your holiday travel insurance question.

üHow many people are going together, and how old are they?

üWhat are you going to do?

üWhere do you need?

üHow often?

About travel insurance:

There is very cheap travel insurance. If you’re travelling with anyone else other than yourself, you can usually get the following types of cover.

üCouple travel insurance

üSingle-parent family cover

üFamily travel insurance


üCouple and one child cover

pass best travel time

How much travel insurance cover do you need?

Levels of cover and excess policies will vary, but most travel insurance will cover the following. Travel medical insurance is one of the best for you.

üMedical expenses


üDelays/missed transport –



üPersonal liability

üIf you’re taken ill abroad in the EU or selected other European countries, the EHIC – while no substitute for proper travel insurance – will at least get you the same state health care available to citizens, which is often free.

üYou are likely to need specialist cover for more adventurous, sporty holidays. This can range from those that carry obvious risks. There is specialist cover for backpacking around the globe, or any travel plan without a clear idea of where you’re going to be or what you’re going to do.

üPolicies vary between insurers but as a general rule you need to declare in your application. If you are awaiting an operation or test results on a medical condition. If you’ve had a serious medical condition in the past. It may affect the price of your cover, and in some cases it may lead to cover not being available.

How do you compare travel insurance?

Remember, if you lose your bags or get them stolen, miss your flight or are taken ill, you’ll be glad that you’re financially protected.

Travel insurance is an insurance plans designed to cover travelers worldwide. Plans can include valuable medical expense coverage, trip interruption, emergency travel services and more. It’s help you more to arrive and visit your destination for any difficult time. By travel insurance, may be you can pass best travel time.

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