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UVA Police Warrant for White Nationalist Over Charlottesville

the warrants against Cantwell

The University of Virginia police department on Tuesday said it has obtained warrants against Christopher Cantwell, one of the human beings at a white nationalist rally that grew to become lethal in Charlottesville final week. The warrants against Cantwell are for 2 counts of unlawful use of tear gasoline and one matter of “Malicious physical injury with the aid of any caustic substance or agent,” stemming from occasions at the campus at the evening of Aug. 11, police stated, as they entreated Cantwell to show himself in. It is in UVA student housing.

UVA Police Issue Warrant for White Nationalist:

Police did no longer release extra info, pronouncing the warrants are a part of an ongoing research. All the counts in the warrants are felonies, the branch stated. Cantwell has been called a frontrunner of the right-wing rally and changed into featured in a vice information documentary. A resident of Keene, New Hampshire, in keeping with police, Cantwell became later seen in a video that went viral wherein he stated he believed a warrant become issued for his arrest, and that he changed into scared about being killed if he grew to become himself in. He said in an electronic mail Tuesday that “I intend to turn myself in without undue put off” and turned into making preparations. He believes the warrants stem from an incident in which he admitted to the usage of pepper spray in opposition to a person, but introduced “I did so in what I thought to be lawful self-protection. “I presume this is the accusation due to the fact I absolutely wasn’t walking around pepper-spraying innocent humans, like the communists who attacked us did,” Cantwell said within the electronic mail.

Cantwell informed NBC information in a cell phone interview last week that he considers himself a white nationalist. He said in that interview “I did not cross down there with the intention of violence,” but “I came down there organized for violence because I recognize that our enemies will attack us that is exactly what passed off.”

UVA Police Issue Warrant for White Nationalist


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